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North Kiteboarding becomes Duotone

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Its all change within the kitesurf industry with North Kites changing their brand name to Duotone. Love it or hate it, the quality and preciseness of the gear has not changed and is still unsurpassed. We’ve been riding the newly released Duotone Rebel 2019 and Duotone Dice 2019 and they look, feel and ride fantastic as you’d expect! The Duotone EVO 2019 and Duotone NEO 2019 are due later in the year.
Quite simply the only thing that has changed during the rebranding is simply the logo! We’re proud to be a Duotone UK Pro Centre and hold a huge stock of the new 2019 Duotone Sports kitesufing range in stock ready to ship, we even hold a choice of colours! You can order the Duotone 2019 range either online here :DUOTONE: or call us on 01243 671777 and we’ll be happy to chat through your purchase to make sure your choices are correct.

New Kitesurfing Releases

Saturday, March 31st, 2018

After a winter that has seemed never ending, the temps are increasing and the wind is back!
But, did you miss out on the new releases? The new gear from North kiteboarding has been released over the past few months, including the North MONO 2018 kite, the North ACE 2018 foil kite, the North Dyno is back into the lineup again for 2018 (who’d have thought!) and the new North Juive 2018 has also just come out! Struggling to get to grips with the North kiteboarding range of kites? then simply give us a call as we are completley familiar with the whole range!

Also released are the new foil setups from Shinn. This includes the K-wing, the mega-K wing and 2 new rear stabilisers. The P-wing carries on unchanged, however the rear stabiliser to go with it has further increased in size to provide even more pitch stability. The K wing sits right inbetween the f-wing and the p-wing hence why its called the k!), as an incredibly versatile kitesurfing foilboard “allrounder”. Its gets going nice and early and great fun to ride, yet can hold its own at speed if thats your thing. The Mega K gets up ridiculously early and is for super lightwind riding, and can also be attahced to a surfboard or sup if thats your thing.
For more info on the Shinn range please get in contact.

2018 North Dice

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Could they make this kite any better?! We love the North Dice, and the 2018 version is better once again! With the new Trinity canopy material and a different panel layout, the 2018 North Dice kite has crisper turning and an improved low-end power. Great for freestyle and wave riding the 2018 Dice hits the spot every time.
BUY YOUR NORTH DICE 2018 now at Bracklesham Boardriders

3D Image of the 2018 North Dice:

North Rebel 2018

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

So here we are again, another year goes by, another Rebel kite is released by North Kiteboarding. So what’s really different in 2018?
Well the main talking point regarding the the 2018 North Rebel kite is the move away from a 5th line system, allowing the Rebel 2018 for the first time ever to be used on a 4 line (Quad) trust bar setup. So does this affect the kite at all? We think even a North Rebel purist would struggle to notice the subtle differences when the kite is in the air. It still retains is very positive bar feedback and the Rebel boots and provides hangtime that it is renown for. On the ground, well the 2018 Rebel loses the 5th line ( although it still has the noseline attachment provided should you want to run it on 5th line), and to make up for this has a small bridle setup. Nothing huge or too complicated, but that leading edge of the kite needed to get support from somewhere.
What many haven’t noticed is that the canopy material has also changed to the Trinty material, having more reinforcement in only the direction required, so reducing excess material weight in the kite.
2018 is going to be a great year for the North Rebel, we look forwards to your feedback and reviews.

For more information on the < 2018 North Rebel here >.

The North Rebel 2018:

The 2018 North Rebel from North Kiteboarding

The 2018 North Rebel from North Kiteboarding

Kitesurf Foiling.. What’s it all about?

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Kite foiling is storming the market at present, but why has it become so popular in the past 2 years, when old style foils such as the Carafino ones from way back never managed?
The sudden success of kitefoiling in the UK has equipment from BBR quite literally flying off the shelves and we now take a brief pause to see what has happened to produce such an effect. For sure the kites available haven’t changed that much, we see people starting to foil using pretty much every kite available, from North Evo’s to Ozone Chronos. So it’s the foils themselves that have changed.
Even in the last year the techonology has been reversed, some might say ‘dumbed down’ from what experts require to that which mere mortals can learn to kite foil on. The advent of foils such as the P-foil from Shinn have allowed complete beginners to master the basics of foiling in a single session, yet will even keep a competent kitesurfer entertained. Years back we played around with an aluminium foil mast and simply cut it in half to reduce the height and therefore reduce the angle of impact of the kiteboard to the water allowing mistakes to be “saved”, giving the effect of spending more time on the kitesurf board rather than swimming. This method has also become popular with many kite brands offering shorter foil masts now.
For sure it is even easier to learn to kitesurf foil this year than any other in history and more for informtion nd advice on the correct gear to use, please email or call us at Bracklesham Boardriders so we can advise you on your new purchase and get you flying as quickly as possible

Shinn Foil Kitesurfing Jackson Board test Review

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Having tried the P foil from Shinn this week we have come to understand that we are on the verge of something that will change the mainstream foil industry in the same way that the delta depower kite changed kitesurfing as a whole. It’s been in the hands of a few dealers now and the response is the unanimous.

– “Oh great” said one foil expert, rather sarcastically, “now any rider is going to be able to foil”
– “I feel like I have just wasted a year trying to learn on a traditional foil”

With the Model P it’s clear the rules have changed for anyone thinking of getting into the sport. Not only this but the Model P is unique – there is nothing like it on the market currently.

Back when we first taught kitesurfing, shortening kite lines brings more control but at a performance cost, so it is now when shortening the mast length for foiling. Yet re-deisgning a kite to have full depower (and huge range at all speeds) brings nothing but advantages to anyone under expert levels, and that is what we are dealing with when we talk of the Model P wing. All previous fudges to aid learning seem barbaric in the shadow of the Model P. It’s a huge step forward for the discipline.

We tested the P foil today back to back with a zeeko foil from last year.

It’s breathtaking –
game changing – Mark was right, and we think we’ll be using the P foil for most of our riding – plenty fast enough, responsive and to be honest, huge fun, but Stupendously easy, easy like riding a twin tip –
all the performance of foil but with all the twitchy nervous and unpredictable nature of kite foiling removed.
The new board is MILES better too!

Bracklesham Boardriders Kitesurf Foil experts

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

So you want to foil with your kitesurf gear? Not sure where to start?
We’ve been testing, modifying and using many different types of kitesurf foil boards and foil kites over the past year so that we can provide you with unbiased and educated information to hep you suceed quickly and avoid costly mistakes. Just like kitesurfing, kite foiling has progressed rapidily throughout the past couple of years. Many different foil desgins, sizes and types exist on the market. We’ve found through exhaustive testing amoungst many kiters, that a short mast foil improves learning speed substantially, whilst also reducing risk of injury by a large percentage. For more information on kite foil gear please contact us or 01243 671777 or send us an email.
Check out our online selection of kitesurf foil equipment with some special offers on the the link below, we sell kite foils from F-ONE, SHINN, North, Zeeko and Moses.

Kitesurf foil equipment from UK kitesurf shop

North MONO 2016 kitesurf kite review test

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

The new North kiteboarding MONO 2016 is a new single (one) strut from North kites. Rather than having the usual 3 or 5 struts the MONO is configured to only have one single strut. This allows a clearer canopy – great for developing low end power. It flys very similar to the North Neo kitesurf kite, is able to run using the quad 4 line setup or the 5th element 5-line setup. The leading edge is slightly thicker in diameter than the other North kites such as the Dice and EVO, and the canopy is made from many individual sections to keep the shape. Good use of dacron throughout the design ensures strength and stability of the design. On the water as expected it is a great generator of power. There is a slight flap from the leading edge when looping the kite (as expected from any one strut kite) but the stability and consistency of the turning is remarkable. Who’s it for? Those looking for simplicity and of course those looking for a great value kitesurf kite from a premium brand. Call us now on 01243 671777 to order!

North 2016 MONO kitesurf kite best price

Bargain North kiteboarding Foil Board for sale.

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

We have a one off deal on the incredible North Foil board, ridden by James and by Tom Court!
This complete kite foilboard board setup is an amazing piece of equipment in fantastic condition and comes with a bag too. Please call the shop on 01243 671777.

Liquidforce 2016 WOW Kitesurf test and review

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

So managed to finally get some breeze in the right direction and strength to get out and have a ride on the new Liquid Force 2016 WOW kite.
The WOW 2016 has been heavily marketed towards the ever growing wave-riding segment of the kitesurf industry. That’s not a problem for us at BBR as James is well into his wave riding and is a font of knowledge on available surfing kite gear!
So onto the kitesurf test and review of the 2016 WOW:
We used the 2016 WOW 8m kite straight from the bag, and the same for the new 2016 LiquidForce Response Bar, with a much better and improved chicken loop system for 2016. The Response Bar we left completely standard, and had it set on the widest setting.
Immediately starting to ride the WOW is slightly different to other wave kites, it is much softer in its low end power, but then quicker to deliver it once board speed increases. It feel like its using apparent wind much more than others tried, and requires less maneuvering than expected to generate power. The shape in the sky is not as deep as expected, nor as “globe like” as one would expect for a faster turning kitesurf kite. It sits right at the front of the wind-window, it’s also possible to oversheet, and didn’t appear to drift as quick as we were expecting.
So, doesn’t sound like a particularly good kite for dead onshore conditions that most of us typically ride in the UK does it?
On returning to the shop, slightly glum after testing, we went and read the usual marketing fluff, it was interesting to note that LF don’t actually point towards a dedicated wave kite. Indeed, their first line is “Born from our mission to engineer a top-performing wave-riding kite that also excels at all-around freeriding”.
Now a free-riding kite is great for waveriding, but only in cross-off , or completely offshore winds. The reason for this is that free-ride kites are built for upwind performance, so they accelerate to the front of the wind window very quickly (more so with the WOW because of its thin leading edge), and they also provide their power based more from apparent wind than projected area, this means they like to “get going” and need board speed before they will perform, they like to be ridden faster through the air as that what “apparent wind” is derived from, rather than giving low end power as soon as you move the kite. Notice all the pics of liquidforce riders on the WOW show an offshore wind – you can see the tops of the waves being blown off backwards. Now for wave riding in onshore or cross onshore conditions, you don’t want a kite that requires apparent wind as you will be kiting towards it a great deal, and as the kite is at the front of the wind, it won’t drift downwind of you, the lines become slack and you loose maneuverability. Ideally you need something with a deep canopy, but still with impeccable manners!
At BBR we know that what the majority of brands identify as a “wave kite” might not necessarily be a suitable wave kite for kitesurfing in the typical conditions we have in the UK, hence why we talk in-depth with our customers when advising on which model to go for.
Back to the WOW. We were slightly disappointed that it didn’t deliver what we were expecting out of the bag. Its a nice kite, the build quality is very nice, the bar is great, but we wanted it to be a wave kite, just like the pictures showed! Then we noticed some extra knots on the leading edge and that the kite lines had extensions in. There was hope yet!
We moved the front bridle attachments down to the lowest knot setting on leading edge, allowing the kite to lean back, and open up more, hopefully keeping it further back in the wind window and increasing the drift, whilst removing the 2m line extensions to really speed up the response of the kite and allow a much shorter, but quicker, power stroke to avoid those untimely pauses in power that were experienced the first time round.
We hit the beach again, full of anticipation and expectation. As expected the kite performed much better for our onshore/cross-shore conditions, having a faster and more pivotal turn. It still liked to remain upwind and so required a little more encouragement and forward planning/timing to be placed where needed when doing fast cutbacks to keep the power at a constant to allow the kite to continue to perform. We found the kite preferred a much tighter gybing radius as the kite was often already across the wind window before we had got the board all the way round behind it, such is the speed that it can move across the window due to that skinny leading edge. The upwind didn’t appear to be affected, still giving a better angle than other kites we were riding with.
So to surmise – In addition to those kitesurf kites that are very specific in their use, there are many kites on the market that bridge across genres of kitesurfing, however we have yet to ride a kite, apart from the North Rebel, that targets wave and freeride so equally. If you are currently riding a twintip and like the freeride kites that allow floaty jumps and great upwind performance, but are considering, or already have a surfboard that you are moving across to, then the WOW will provide all you need.

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